PC Repairs & Upgrades


We have facilities to perform diagnosis and repair on most makes of servers, PCs and laptops.

Diagnosis of problems on PCs can be undertaken in our workshop, by experienced technicians, who have many years of experience in this field.

They also have access to a considerable range of components to allow test and repair to be carried out efficiently.

New Computer

Preparing new computers prior to delivery is also undertaken in the workshop.

This involves installing any extra hardware that has been ordered, installing software, updating Windows and driver software, and then thoroughly testing the final configuration.

If you are ordering a new computer, we can arrange for the data to be transferred from your old PC, and email accounts to be transferred.


Upgrading an existing computer can often give a useful boost to performance, while being considerably cheaper than a new computer.

Additional System Memory can often help if the system is just slow.

Or maybe you are running out of space on your hard drive – we can fit a bigger drive or an additional drive.

Custom Services

We occasionally get asked to help with data conversion, bulk scanning or similar tasks. We do have experience in many different areas, so if we can help with your requirements we will.