Managed Backup

What Is Managed Backup?

Managed backup, also known as Remote Backup or Online Backup, is an application that allows you to have your data backup fully automated - No tapes - No CDs - No CD’s - No Removable hard drives.

It is managed by Brunel - so you cannot forget to do it!

Your data files are backed up to a server housed in a secure data centre in the UK. The application can backup any data that you choose.

Why Do I Need Managed Backup?

Maybe you do - Maybe you don't !

If you currently answer yes to the following questions then you are OK as you are.

Is The Backup taken Off-site?

If the backup is left on site and there is a fire or similar catastrophe you would lose all your data.

Do you backup all your data files and emails?

Data files are typically the files you generate from word processing, spreadsheets, accounts files, databases etc.

Do you run the backup every day?

If you only run it weekly then you could lose a week's work.

Are you able to restore different revisions of the file?

It may be that a file needs to be restored to a version from a few weeks ago when it was wrongly altered.

Have you tested the restore facility?

It should be tested before it is needed for real.

There are many ways to backup your files and they all have good and bad aspects. In a nutshell, any backup is better than none, but if your business depends on the data it must be a reliable and regular backup. Most backups require someone on site to change tapes, insert hard drives etc and often these jobs simply do not get done.

Additionally drives & tapes can go missing - with all your data on them.

We off a fully managed backup service where you do not have to play any part in the process at all. We install the application on your server or PCs and from there on the backups take place daily and if you need to restore any data we take care of it for you.

Is Online Backup Secure?

Your data is secure - both the upload and download process use high levels of software encryption -256 bit AES.

During backup the files are fully encrypted on your network and then transmitted to the data center server.

During restore the files are still encrypted until the reach your network, where the encryption key is used to decrypt the files.

By using this approach, your files are always fully encrypted while they are off site.