Data Security

We can design a complete network for you based on your requirements and budgets. You may already have a network and are looking to expand it, make it more reliable, make it faster - these are all possible.

We offer both wired & wireless networks, on singles or multiple sites. We can establish private links between your sites so email and data files can be shared.

We can handle the entire installation from wiring, patch panel, hubs, access points, routers, backup systems, power supplies, servers and workstations. 

If you require, Brunel can remotely manage your network by managing your backups, user accounts, software updates etc. This leaves your staff free to get on with their regular work.

We will fit in with your requirements from basic installation, to a fully managed site where we take on the role of network administration.

Spam is just junk mail, but often with Virus & Spyware onboard as well. At best it wastes your time clearing it daily - at worst it introduces malware.

We use SpamFighter to strip out all the spam mail being sent to your company.

A virus can damage your data.

It can pass your data to others.

They may allow your computer to be used by others.

Waste time and costs resolving the problems.

Virus defence has been a major issue for a long time. As the defence programs have got smarter and more efficient, so the authors have broadened their horizons. There are now more types of virus, trojan, spyware etc. than ever before. Collectively they are referred to as malware, and can cause data loss, network downtime, data compromise and general irritation. Our solution to this is to use the Kaspersky range of defence products in addition to always keeping the Windows Updates fully updated. It is installed on both server and workstations to protect by being updated on a daily basis. If this is of interest, please click here

It is essential that your computers are protected from any form of Malware, such as Virus, Spyware etc.

They can be effectively defended by using a good quality Anti-Virus program, in conjunction with running the Windows Update procedure frequently.

We use Kaspersky Anti-Virus to prevent Virus and Spyware infiltration.

These products work at both server and workstation level.